You Can Lose Weight by Cardio Walking

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Weight loss by walking :My wife and I are living proof that Cardio Walking for Weight Loss works. I remember how difficult it had become for us to lose weight.

Fad Diets Didn’t Work

Throughout the years we started to gain weight. At first it was gradual and then it became more accelerated. Before we knew it our doctor informed us that we were obese. Not just overweight but obese.  This is not something we wanted to hear, but it was something we needed to come to terms with. We tried to lose weight on our own.

This was very difficult. We tried many fad diets. I’m sure you’ve seen the ones being advertised on late night tv and on popular magazines.  Well none of them worked for us. In some instances we would lose a little bit of weight, but we wound up gaining it all back again within a few weeks.

Cardio Walking Worked For Us

After talking with our doctor and performing our own research, we knew we needed to make changes to our diet, but most importantly we needed to adopt an exercise program that would be fun and easy to do. It would have to be something that we could do on a consistent basis.

Walking is one of the most natural forms of exercise that anyone can do. But most importantly, walking is a safe type of exercise. We considered running or jogging, but there are some risks associated with running. For one, there is some wear and tear on your knees and joints.

Cardio-Walking is a hybrid form of exercise that combines the best part of walking and marries it to the principles of interval training. When you this type of walking, your heart rate will go up and  so will your metabolism.

Well this is what we were looking for. This type of walking was something we could do on a regular basis, and we did. We stuck with the program and we were able to lose 30 pounds each during a 10 week period.

Of course we also added in a healthy diet. The result was fantastic. We could now enjoy the type of exercise we were doing. It wasn’t a high intensity form of exercise. which made it safe to do. we were eating better. We weren’t really depriving ourselves in terms of food. We were just making better choices.

Walking Gave Positive Results

Who would have thought that our unique form of regular walking would work for us. We were able to lose the weight and keep it off.

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